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* Helps the regeneration of the scalp

* Nurtures and gives strength to the hair

* No Parabens

* CAPILEXIDIL: a Complex of glycoproteins modified (essential amino acids) of vegetal origin that act by stimulating strongly the crcimiento of the cells of the hair follicle

* ALGAE CORAL: Algae impregnated with calcium, or plant coral that accumulates mineral salts and oligoelementosen its structure.It acts as a stimulant and cell activator. Gives tone to the hair, and a Ph correct and balanced, especially in hair that is washed frequently or incorrect

* MENTHOL: Obtained from the extract of the japanese mint, have properties refreshing, anti-itching, anti-septic and is a stimulant of the blood circulation

* PANTHENOL (Pro vitamin B5) Provides elasticity to the skin tissue and gives flexibility to the hair. Plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates,lipids and proteins

* OCTOPIROX: Anti fungal and anti microbial that acts to preserve the scalp. Prevents hair loss generated by agents miicrobianos