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HEY JOE KIDS is our interpretation of the ointment to children, but with the genuine touch of HEY JOE!

Elaborate water-based and orange-colored apricot, provides a medium hold-high in all type of hair that you want to get a durable finish.

It is removed with a simple wash, not leaving any kind of residue in your hair.

The ointment is a great unknown and is being increasingly used for its great ability to give shape to the hairstyles. The ointment of hairstyle allows you to sculpt the hairstyles by pinning them without the hassles of gel or wax.

Get your hair fixed, thanks to the ointment Hey Joe Kids for children with its creamy texture and easy to apply

Ointment traditional, but with the particularities of the ointments Hey Joe, prepared on the basis of water color and apricot, provides a medium hold-high-the hairstyle, great if you want to get a hairstyle long-lasting in older children

To be made in water, is easily removed with a wash, without losing the mount when you put it on and mold it to get that hairstyle that you like. A cream that sets the hair with a natural shine, ointment more natural effect to the hairstyle.

The evolution of the ointments with water-based and has marked the development of this product, which tends to be lighter thanks to their new compounds, water-based. Its composition makes it easier to remove the ointment, by keeping the power fixer.

One of the styles that most are looking for the fixation at the time of combing your hair, are the tupés, perhaps the toupee of Grease will seem like a lot, but if there are many that opt for a toupee lightweight to give that personality to the hair, the use of the ointment Hey Joe Matte is gorgeous in these hairstyles:

. Wash with shampoo and conditioner. Dry with a towel.

. Apply pomade with dry hair, apply from roots to tips.

. Brush to shape, direct the hair from the sides to the center and let gravity form a toupee “loose”.

. To define curls, use your fingers to accentuate the look, pull the curls from the forehead down.

You'll get a toupee “light”, one of the looks that are trendy, the use of the ointment Hey Joe Mate you get that to be fixed and without having the feeling of wearing the hair, “carton”, you'll be able to maintain your hairstyle in a natural way.

Some of the pomades add shine to the hairstyle, although it may be an average brightness, with this ointment, mate, your hair is natural.

One of the big advantages is that it will never dry, are water-resistant, so that allow you to reshape the hair, you get a extra-hold styling the hair.

The ointment Hey Joe Matte is perfect if you're looking for a medium hold-high and a natural tone, one of the features of the ointments for the hair, is that it is easily removed with a wash, and you get that finish genuine hairstyle. One of the more obscure products but every time it has the best reception between the men, as it provides a fastening that is not achieved with other products. An alternative, which after use, convinces us by its fixation and ease of removal. To be matte, you get a hairstyle more natural.