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HEY JOE Classic Gold Genuine Hair Pomade

Our ointment for the hair CLASSIC GOLD transports us immediately to the old barber shops of the early TWENTIETH century. Its packaging, inspired by the ancient containers of brass gold tone used at the beginning of 1920, it evokes nostalgia, professionalism and elegance.

Ointment classic, but with all the advantages and benefits of our times.

Formulated in water-based and with the highest quality ingredients, HEY JOE! GENUINE HAIR POMADE “CLASSIC GOLD”has a creamy consistency which facilitates its application at the same time maintaining your hairstyle intact for hours with a medium firmness.

Aromatized, as it could not be otherwise, with an intoxicating fragrance that will transfer you immediately to the old barber shops of Chicago.

Mode of employment; To obtain the best result, take up a small amount with fingers and rub the stain in the palm of your hands before applying it on the hair. Spread it out giving the shape you want, use a comb for a more definite result. If you use it with damp hair, coseguirás more shine to your hairstyle.

The variety of products to the hair of men growing more. One of the innovative products during the last year are the ointments, lightweight formulas provide great fixation and shine.

There are creams and are not waxes. It is a middle point that offers several types of solutions for all needs. Always without leaving any residue and easy to remove with just rinsing the hair.

The ointments for the hair are the best product for the hair to hold the hairstyle that you want and give you that look that you love, there are mainly two types of ointments:

. Water-based, which are easier to remove in the wash, but given this fixation, consistent that you are looking for in the hairstyle.

. Oil-based, which are more difficult to remove but you get a extra fixing for all types of hairstyles, one of the features is the setting without the feeling of hair dried out.

The ointment Super Strong Hey Joe is our ointment is more powerful, perfect for those looking for an extra-hold your hairstyle, without it is “carton”, provides a gloss medium and is easily removed with a wash.

Its main feature is that its components are of the highest purity, soluble in water, has a creamy consistency, facilitating the hairstyle, an extra attachment that gives “freely” to the hair, getting a hairstyle that is maintained without losing the ease natural.

This ointment stands out for its effectiveness, you only need a little, spread it out in the palm of your hand and apply it on the hair, use a comb and give it the shape you want to your hair. You will have a extra fixing, without that feeling of “carton”, the hair remains soft to the touch. A trick, if you want to be more shine in the hair, utilizala with wet hair.

The ointments get a fixing bright that other products do not succeed as, for example, waxes. Magnificent for classic hairstyles, the pomades make your hair gets stuck to the scalp, ideal to enhance the toupee or getting hair effect affected.

This ointment makes your hair to be fixed according to your activity, the hairstyle is perfect and with a medium brightness, the best thing is that by using it you do not feel that the hairstyle is laminated, the hair retains its shine and looseness. It removes easily with a slight wash, the ointment is removed, if you're looking for an extra-hold, and a product with their pure components, it is the best ointment for the hair.

When you have a creamy consistency is easy to move it in the hair, if you use a comb you can go giving the desired shape to the hair and have the hairstyle that you like, it is easy to use and the best thing is that it is easily removed with a mild washing, it is the hair “carton” and your hair is left with a medium brightness.

An innovative product, which is between the wax and the cream, which is known for its properties pure and a hairstyle set.