Hairdressing tools.

    Are your great ally, both for professional and personal use you need some tools that don't fail and give you the maximum quality. In our store, hairdressing online hairbeautyfactory you will find a large catalog of tools for hairdressing professionals such as machines cortapelos, hair dryers professional, hair irons and curling professionals in top brands such as Moser, Wahl, Andis, Babyliss Pro, Parlux, Ultron, Coiff*in ... And delivery in 24h.!


    Accessories of hairdresser.

    When we speak of accessories of barber , we can mention a large number of tools such as: scissors, combs, brushes, razors, blades, mirrors, gloves, peinadores, layered cut, among others. All these instruments are of great relevance to a beauty salon, as each one serves a different function, these accessories of barber, not only used in beauty salons, also in the daily life, but on a lesser frequency. The cost varies depending on the brand and the material, they are very easy to acquire, since there is great availability in most of the physical stores and online.


    Coloring products.

    The coloring products are used in all types of hair and allows customers to highlight your personality by achieving a perfect finish with the desired color, in the market there is a wide line of products for colouring full hair coloring, the coloring products are developed to ensure excellent results of color without imperfections, they come in different presentations: treatments in creams, sprays, gels, oxidizers, lotions-fixing, with and without amoniacos. In addition to these coloring products include innovative formulas to provide your hair protection, uniformity, elegance and naturalness, you can get a ton just by clicking on different web platforms. Dyes a hair salon professional are one of the products most demanded and used within the beauty salons that are asked to the stylists, the main use is to cover gray hair or to vary the color, which adds to the image of the client a change of look. The dyes of professional hairdressing in comparison to the common dyes that are sold in supermarkets have large differences in their components and price, say some, the dyes a hair salon professional contain alkaline elements which do not generate any reaction, as for the price, the supermarkets are cheaper but less durable.


    Products for the hair.

    There are many lines of hair products for both men and women, these products vary according to your brand, use and components. At the time of purchase these hair products , we must take into account the quality, to know what is the best to benefit us according to our type of hair: if it is smooth, wavy, oily, dry, normal, etc, are factors that determine the effect and benefits that we provide, the products for the hair, as you will notice each one has a different function and not all contribute to the same.


    Furniture for Hairdressing and beauty.

    There are many furniture for the hairdressing and aesthetics used within the centers of aesthetic and/ or beauty salons, from the most simple to the most complex, high-and low-cost, of different sizes and colors, what is certain is that, regardless of the proportion that have these securities hairdressing and aesthetics, are essential to the operation of the premises or to exercise the profession of all and each one of the staff, so if you are in search of this type of furniture in, you can get the best furniture for the hairdressing and aesthetics to bring to walk your business, with just a click you can start finding the that you need.

  • MAN

    Products for man.

    There is No doubt that men's skin is different to women's skin, as this has more collagen and elastin making it a 15 to 25% thicker. Today for the man of today, there are products of hairdresser and cosmetics designed with special components for the facial care and male body, allowing the man to feel safer and more attractive. These products of hairdresser and cosmetics are of excellent quality, accessible in terms of prices and where to buy them, can be found in: beauty salons, barber shops, shops of products in physical and almost immediately, in online stores.

  • PETS

    Machines for cutting and scissors for pets.

    When we talk about hygiene and care of image, not only the people have the right to do so, the animals also have their space in the aesthetic centres specialized, these are equipped with machines and scissors for cutting pet, so they can also enjoy a good haircut to keep it and look: healthy, shiny and beautiful, since there are good tools such as machines and scissors for cutting pet on the Internet you can get all type of instruments like these machines and scissors for cutting pet and other products for grooming your dog. In hairbeautyfactory we also like to take care of your pet, so, in this section you will find all kinds of necessary tools such as machines cortapelos and scissors for pets so they can look and to keep hair beautiful, healthy and radiant.

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