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* Allows you to remove them without any cuts or scraps

Removes cuticles. For the care of hands and feet.
Reblandecedor hardness. Of external application.
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Product description:
Aqueous solution of color slightly yellow.
Enables you to remove calluses without any cuts or scraps. Cash and without pain. No
risk for people with diabetes.
Aqua, Potassium Hydroxide, Guanidine HCL, 2,3 Dihydroxy-1,4 Butandithiol (DTT),
CI 45350.
Mode of use:
To remove cuticles: Put a little bit of dry cotton covering cuticles and
hardness of the skin of the contour of the nails (if nails are long, optional the set
also the cotton toward the interior of the nail with the help of the spatula). Dribble with
DURIBLAND to soak the cotton, with as much liquid as how to be able to
retain. Let stand 3 to 5 minutes, depending on thickness of your calluses. Elapsed
the time of action, to raise cotton, and immediately make sweeping
cuticles and calluses softened by spatula that is attached or stick
naranjo. (For a perfect sanitation of the interior of the long nails, use the
angular part of the spatula DURIBLAND). Brush the treated area with a brush
nail dry for a perfect finish. Wash with plenty of water. Dry and apply
nourishing cream by making a light massage.
To remove calluses: Cover hardness with a layer of dry cotton. Dribble with
DURIBLAND until it is soaking wet, with as much fluid as is capable of retaining. Leave
to act for 10 minutes, adding drops of DURIBLAND periodically
ensure a contact by wetting the area. Raise cotton, and immediately,
support perpendicular to the spatula DURIBLAND and pressing, to make sweeping
to remove the hardness softened. Repeat this operation as many times as you
needed to remove the hardness to the desired level. You can use the same
cotton soaking again. Reached this point, brush the treated area with
nail brush dry for a perfect finish. Wash with plenty of water. Dry and
apply nourishing cream by making light massage. Should not be used for the face or
for sensitive skin or wounds.

Alternate uses:
Contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes. Danger of blindness. Keep out of the
reach of children.