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* Nano-technology: All the plates Termix feature Nano technology. On the one hand,
The Nano Tinatino (Nano Ti) that helps to generate negative ions beneficial to the hair.
The Nano-Titanium Oxide (Nano Ti O2), which cleans up traces of chemicals, toxins and pollution that stick to the surface of the hair getting so, a purifying effect.And finally, the Nano Silver (Nano Ag), which provides protecciónantibacteriana with an effect desiinfectante; while also removing odors in the hair.

* Tegnología Ionic: The control of the ions in the hair makes it more manageable, malleable and soft thus facilitating that the time of drying the hair more quickly than usual

* Digital system: The constant control of the temperature has been enhanced to implement this digital system to the plates Termix 230 º. The regulator is controlled by PCB-independent manner, being able to adjust and/or control the temperature of the iron from 130 up to 230ºC

* Auto power off: off, 30 minutes of non-use, automatically turns off to avoid unnecessary power consumption. The time needed to reach again the temperature indicated on the digital display is 15 seconds once press the ON button

* Special Treatments: Their special plates of ceramic and the control of digital temperature reaches make the Iron Termix 230 º is the most suitable for the professional use of any treatment of hydration of the hair. Many of these treatments require to reach high temperatures to get the best results with the time and this new model of iron Termix allows you to work with different temperatures, ranging from 130ºC to 210ºC for normal services in the living room and also up to 230ºC depending on the treatment that you want to apply.

* Infrared system: advanced technology of infrared rays allows you to have a greater capacity for work getting better and másrápidos results. The system ingfrarrojo has been applied to the new iron Termix 230 º to prevent damage to the hair leaving it more healthy and glowing.