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  • Oral Hygiene

    Products of oral hygiene.

    There are various products of oral hygiene for the health of your mouth, there are multiple options to choose from and combat conditions such as: halitosis, (bad breath), cavities, gingivitis, remove plaque and tartar build-up. There is a complete line of this type of product oral hygiene available in different presentations, with multiple components, flavors, and effects to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. All these products of oral hygiene are developed in contribution with experts in dentistry to make sure products of oral hygiene of high-end, can be found both in physical shops and in online shops.

  • Mouthwashes


    Mouthwashes are formulas pharmaceutical liquid or semi-fluid that may be used to prevent oral diseases as caries, gingivitis, stomatitis, piorreas, etc In the same way, the mouthwash can act as: emollient, astringent, or soothing antiseptic. Differ from the oral rinses and gargles to be a substance a little thicker, this to be better incorporated to the oral mucosa and/or gums, however, some mouthwashes more diluted can be used as mouth rinse, include different components: natural extracts as: (xistol, propolis), concentrations of different flavors, some contain alcohol, others do not.

  • Soaps and Gels

    Soaps and gels.

    For body care there are a large number and variety of soaps of aesthetics which have as main function to remove the impurities and external agents that stick to it. The soaps of aesthetics are the perfect alternative to keep your skin clean and healthy, because it brings the necessary nutrients to your body and face thanks to the various ingredients that they contain. It is important to know what types of soaps of aesthetics there are and the effects they generate, according to each type of skin. These soaps of aesthetics can be: therapeutic, moisturizing, dermatological problems, common, liquids, glycerine, soft aromatics, among others.

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items