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Furniture hairdresser.

Beauty salons and centres of aesthetic require a significant amount of furniture for the hairdressing, necessary to operate its business, on the assumption that these securities hairdresser will be chosen according to the space available in the beauty salon, the services provided, the taste, the distribution and decoration...

  • armchairs
  • head wash

    Lavacabezas for barber.

    There is a wide range of lavacabezas in the market that you can acquire for your beauty salon. In fact, there are manufacturers that perform the lavacabezas tailored to your needs and style preference, these suppliers can be found both in physical shops and in online shops, diversity of lavacabezas: curves, double, massagers, with and without arm chair, portable, armrests, and footrest, to mention a few. Lavacabezas with different types of functions from the most basic to the most complete, with amazing finishes in both the material used for its manufacture, as in your upholstery, making high-quality designs and exclusive.

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  • Furniture
  • Carts

    Carts of hairdresser.

    Carts of hairdresser's are designed especially for use by hair stylists, is one of the main tools of work, in order to protect their equipment and instruments. There are a variety of models of carts of hairdresser, some don't have drawers, just bins of metal structure, others have 4, 5 and even 6 drawers, porta dryer, porta aluminum foil and tumbler holder. These carts of hairdresser are usually made in plastic: with drawers sliding, colgables, most bring wheels to facilitate moving from one place to another, there are also carts of hairdresser with minimalist designs.

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