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Furniture aesthetics.

In the market many brands sell a myriad of equipment to condition the centers of beauty, the furniture of aesthetics are essential for all establishments to carry out their activities and thus able to provide different services to their customers. The wide range of furnishings of cosmetic existing are of the first category,...

  • Stretchers

    Stretchers of esthetics.

    The stretchers of esthetics are also important pieces in the centers of beauty, depending on the services that are provided by the local and according to the who specializes, these will be the criteria to take into account when choosing the stretchers of aesthetics, this way you will choose to stretchers of aesthetic basic, or, on the contrary, stretchers of esthetics more complete, there are different models and for different functions such as: to the shaved, massaged, when carrying out the treatments of facial cleansing, among others. They can find them in any shop that manufactures this type of furniture, or in online stores like:

  • Magnifiers
  • Melting Wax

    Melting of wax.

    Within the stock of furniture and equipment of the centers of aesthetics are the melting of wax is used when service is offered shaved, either eyebrows, or body. There are several types of melting wax, in a can be positioned to heat only the wax, this type of melting heaters tend to be larger, your capacity is litres, comes with regulation of temperature from 0 ° c to 105ºC and have handles on the side of the grip. Other fusers heaters, heating cartridges of wax, they are smaller and they bring a base on which rests the cartridge as it heats up.

  • Tables for Manicure

    Tables of manicure.

    The tables of the manicures are one of the furniture most common and used in the centres of cosmetic and/or beauty salons, on the basis of the space of your establishment, you can choose the right size of these tables of manicure, there are some simple designs: - type makeup vanity with structures: metal, wood, laminated, with drawers, plywood and mirror, backlit. Other tables manicure have finished more full and elegant as the glass. Also include other details for the comfort of the client as: soft cushions to support the arms and hands, double cabinet to place the utensils of the manicurist.

  • Couches
  • Furniture
  • Annexes
  • Electrical Appliances
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Showing 1 - 75 of 75 items