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Sir Fausto

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Shampoo for hair 250ml.

* Formula based on natural extracts, Cinchona, Birch. Rosemary and White Nettle

* Frequent Use

* Stimulates the growth

* The extracts of Cinchona, Nettle, Rosemary and Birch as to this shampoo in a fotalecedor hair

Mode of employment:

* Performs a first washing in the usual manner to remove the first part of dirt.

*On wet hair, apply a small amount of Shampoo to Hair Sir Faustus according to the length of the same.

* Massage to achieve an effective wash and let sit for a few minutes.

* Rinse with plenty of water.

R* this is performed by a second application letting it work the product for up to 5 minutes for the assets to penetrate both the hair and skin.

* Rinse with plenty of water.

Result: Your hair will look clean, hydrated, strong and with a fresh and subtle scent woodsy. Now you're ready for the next step: give personality to your hairstyle.