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Oxidation Coloring Cream PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM

PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM has been illuminated after long studies and novel research techniques in hair care. All this has resulted in a unique product that, following in the footsteps of nature, has managed to combine harmony and ionic balance; thus, after applying the dye, the hair looks with great intensity, luminosity and shine. The effect, from the point of view of an external observer, is excellent.


The active ingredients that make up this exceptional product are based on naturea, thus, we can find within its components: honey, keratin, grape seed oil and gingko biloba, free radicals, smog, UV rays and alpha-bisabolol.

  • Honey: The sugars naturally present in honey bring great hydration as well as the ability to keep the hair longer conditioned. In addition, it is clear that enormous photoprotection effect that prevents the color from losing intensity. Likewise, this ingredient provides an enormous antioxidant action; without forgetting the amount of anti-free radicals it contains.

  • Keratin: it is a powerful protein with a fibrous structure. Its high sulfur content provides strength and vitality to the hair. It is found naturally in the most superficial areas of the epidermis, such as skin, nails or hair. What is achieved by adding this protein, is to combine technique with nature; thus, after regularly using PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM, you will see that your hair will start a complete revitalization process: from the root, to the ends.

  • Grape Seed oil: It is a completely vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the vine, that is, from the grape. Its high contents in sugar and vitamins are a excellent antioxidant tool, preventing aging while repairing and nourishing cell tissues. Along with the antioxidant capacity, we find other important benefits: it helps to regenerate the hair, it is a shield against free radicals and promotes the hydration of your hair.

  • Ginkgo Biloba: Also known as the maidenhair tree, it has the status of “living fossil” as it is one of the oldest species of trees on earth. This tree has withstood all the ages of the planet with their hecatombs and epochs of extinction. A quick anecdote: after the launch of the Hiroshima bomb in 1946, a twisted and dry shattered Ginkgo began to resurface and sprout a kilometer away from the epicenter of the explosion.  

As for your benefits, its high content of flavonoids and terpenoids act as a powerful antioxidant protecting hair ccounter free radicals. In addition, it prevents hair loss, as well as, and thanks to its revitalizing power, it helps your hair grow strong, healthy and shiny.

Mix between grape seed oil and Ginkgo Biloba, it meets a excellent antioxidant action it favors the duration of the color, while acting as a shield against various environmental adverse factors.

  • Alpha-Bisabolol: This is a molecule that comes from natural plants. Thanks to its plant components and active ingredients, it has an important soothing function. In addition, softens hair and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is usually extracted from chamomile, although it can also be obtained from chamomile. Minimizes the risk of itching thanks to the protection it exerts on the scalp.

Clarification: With PICTION XL it is possible to lighten from 2 to 4 Shades on Natural Hair using PLUS 20-30-40 Vol. in a mixing ratio of 1+1.5. Withsuper lightening it is achieved an alcaration of up to 5 or 6 Tones by mixing the super clarifier with PLUS 40 Vol. to 1+2.

Gray hair cover: Mixing PICTION XL in a ratio of 1 + 1.5 with PLUS 20-30-40 Vol. we will achieve perfect coverage of gray hair.

Tone on Tone: Applying PICTION XL mixed to 1 + 2 with PLUS 10 Vol. on wet natural hair gives tone and reflection without clarifying the natural base

Color bath: The abello dyed and mixed with ACTIVE SOFT or PLUS 10 Vol. in a mixing ratio of 1+3, PICTION XL highlights and recovers the reflection

Nuanced: Ideal to give shade to bleached hair when we mix PICTION XL mixed to 1 + 2 with PLUS 10 Vol.

Recoloring: Recoloration consists of the recovery of tone and reflection in mid-lengths and ends and root retouching. To recover a color, mix PICTION XL to 1+1.5 with suitable oxidant PLUS

Toning: Possible to recover tone in mid-lengths and tips with PICTION XL mixed with SOFT OIL in ratio of 1+2

Repigmentation: When the difference between the target color and the starting color is greater than two shades, or the hair is very porous or discolored, it is recommended to repigment to create the right foundation by applying PICTION XL mixed to 1+2 with PLUS 10 Vol.

Pre-Colouring: When gray hair is not homogeneously distributed or is very difficult to cover, it is recommended to apply PICTION XL with the PREDECOLORACION technique mixing it with PLUS 10 Vol. sl 1+2