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Elite Evolution Organic Color

Colouring cream Oxidation without Ammonia or PPD

* Colouring in cream for the hair. ELITE EVOLUTION is formulated with 80 % of the assets of natural origin and natural derivatives. Enriched with 7 oils of natural origin, which improve the hydration and elasticity of hair, favouring the obtaining of a brightness spectacular. No PPD or Ammonia, to perform work both polychromatic as monochromatic long-duration and maximum gray coverage. Mix Ratio: 1:1,5 - Súperaclarantes 1:2

APPLICATION: ELITE EVOLUTION ORGANIC COLOR provides excellent care to both the hair fiber and scalp, enabling maximum durability, softness and hydration

- DISCLAIMER: it Is possible to clarify of 1 to 3 tones on natural hair employing a Bath of 2-3-4 at a mix ratio of 1+1,5. With Super Aclarante is achieved by a clarification of up to 5 tones by mixing the Super Aclarante with Bath 4 at 1+2

- COVERAGE OF GRAY hair: Blending Elite Evolution Organic Color in a proportion 1+1,5 with Organic Bath 2-3-4 we achieve a perfect coverage of hair with graying.

- Tone-ON-TONE: Applying Elite Evolution Organic by mixing with Bath 1, and on natural hair wet, gives tone and reflection without clarifying the natural base.

- BATHROOM COLOR: hair dyeing, and mixed with Bath to 0 or the Bath 1 in a mixing ratio of 1+3 Elite Evolution Organic highlights and retrieves the mirror.

- NUANCED: Elite Evolution Organiic is ideal for giving shade to hair bleached when applied in a ratio of 1+2 with Bath 1

- RECOLORACION: The Re-Colouring is the recovery of tone and reflection in the media and tips, retouch at root. To retrieve a color, Mix Elite Evolution Organic in a ratio of 1+1.5 Bath proper.

- TONALIZAR: Possible to recover the tone in the media and puntascon Elite Evolution Organic Color mixing with a Bath of 0 in a ratio 1+2

- REPIGMENTACION: When the difference between the target color and the color match is superior to two-toned or the hair is very porous or discolored, it is recommended that repigment to create the right foundation by applying Elite Evolution Organic color mixing to the 1 + 2 with Organic Bath 1

- PRECOLORACION: When the gray hairs are not homogeneamente distributed or are very difficult to cover, it is recommended to apply apply Elite evolution with the technique of precoloración mixing it with Organic bath 1 to the 1 + 2 before applying the final color.


Composition evolved with the new system OIL MOISTURISING SYSTEM composed by the combination of 7 oils of natural origin, honey and extracts from the distillation of the plant Matricaria recutita.
HONEY: The sugars contained in honey provide moisturizing and conditioning to the hair. Gives an effect of photo-protection that help to prolong the durability of the color, an anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals.
OLIVE OIL: Rich in vegetable fats, with a capacity of nourishing and antioxidant, is also anti-inflammatory.
OIL OF GRAPE SEEDS: Of vegetable origin, rich in essential fatty acids. Has property moisturizer, emollient, antioxidant and soothing of the skin.
JOJOBA OIL: Distilled from the plant of Jojoba, a native of the Sonoran desert, in Mexico. Moisturizer, conditioner and generator of brightness. Helps to normalize the functioning of the scalp.
SHEA BUTTER: from Africa, it is moisturising, rejuvenating and protective skin and hair.
SUNFLOWER OIL: Provides nutrition, shine and silkiness. Provides protection against free radicals. Helps to prolong the duration of the coloration.
ARGAN OIL: Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It is moisturizing, regenerating and protective of UVA.
FLAXSEED OIL: Extracted from the flour of linseed, is rich in Omega 3 and alpha-linolenic acid. Moisturizing, protective, high healing power. Provides care to the skin and shine to hair.
PLANT EXTRACT OF MATRICARIA RECUTITA: extract of the plant has a function, a soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing. Strengthens the protection of the scalp