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Coloring products.

The coloring products are used in all types of hair and allows customers to highlight your personality by achieving a perfect finish with the desired color, in the market there is a wide line of products for colouring full hair coloring, the coloring products are developed to ensure excellent results of color without imperfect...

  • DYE

    Dyes a hair salon.

    Today it is very easy to acquire dyes in any supermarket and/or pharmacy, but these products are not of the same quality as the dyes professionals, there is a great difference between its components with dyes professionals, with these you will have better results and benefits such as: quality, price, color, durability, greater coverage, also get a hair color more shiny, silky and you will cover 100% gray hair, the dyes professionals can be semi-permanent and permanent, with amoniaco or no amoniaco, so if you want to give a better care to your hair you must choose dyes professionals in the right place.


    Fading for dyes.


    Permanent dyes.

    If they thought that the permanent had gone out of fashion, because it is wrong, because this beauty trend has been gaining ground again, and today, more than ever, there are products for permanent hair salon that will help to give that effect to your hair, curly made today, are made with products for permanent hair salon that also include components protective for your hair such as keratin and collagen, there are also lotions that contain silk proteins to obtain a flexible texture, in addition, you can find them in any physical store or for more convenience on online stores as on

  • curls remover

    Products desrizantes.

    Today, more than 50% of women choose to smooth her hair, but beyond being a matter of fashion, it is a matter of practicality, as it is much easier to manage a straight hair, in addition to the pleasure of wearing different types of hairstyles and looks, to achieve this, there are products desrizantes, which have become the best ally of the girls who want to have this effect on your hair these products desrizantes feature a full range of different presentations such as: kits, straightening and keratin, creams desrizantes, conditioners, spray, straightening, of different styles and brands to get a straight hair natural.


    Products oxygenating for dyes.

    One of the items used to dye hair are the products oxygenates dyes, play a decisive role to get the desired color when painting, these products oxygen for dyes tend to set the color and give uniformity, are represented in volumes that vary according to the dye chosen, can be: volume 10, 20, 30 and 40, to mention a few, it should be noted, that it is necessary to read carefully the indications of the dyes to know how much proportion of products oxygenates dyes to use, because you choose the amount wrong, you can achieve effects not desired or contrast in the color of the hair.


    Products neutralizing for dyes.

    Products neutralizing for dyes paralyze the chemical processes. To suppress the residual peroxide, counteract the alkali to prevent the oxidation progressive, setting the color of dyed your hair, have different components, some products neutralizing for dyes containing panthenol and plant proteins moisturize your hair, other, include ammonia, adapting to each tone, the presence of alkalis results in colors that are vigorous and cover the gray hair completely, these products neutralizing for dyes come in different presentations: in shampoo, creams and other, what is certain is, that provides multiple benefits to your scalp, as well as the care and maintenance of your hair after colouring.

  • MAN

    Dyes for men.

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