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Tonico Strengthening of the Beard 200ml.

* Enriched with natural extracts 100%:

- Quina: With Bitamina B6, returns the force and strength in the root of the facial hair

- Birch: it Is rich in fatty acids, retain the hydration levels of the hair and the skin

- Rosemary: Combats aging of the skin. Antioxidant

- White nettle: Cleanses and detoxifies the skin, and the hair of the beard

- Bio-Capigen Veg.: Composed of proteins desoja hydrolyzed, red onion, ginseng extract, bitamina B,sulfopeptidos, glucose and amino acids. it is designed to stimulate the cells of the facial hair growth, strengthens the cellular metabolism and improves the oxygen consumption in the hair cells, stimulating in this way the microcirculation.

Mode of Employment

* Sanitize the beard in the usual way with our Shampoo to the Beard, Sir Faust.

^Pat dry with towel.

* Shake the tonic strengthener and spray on skin and facial hair.

* Perform a soft masajeo for better absorption.

*Finish the treatment by applying the oil strengthener Sir Faust.

* We recommend the use of tonic and oil strengthener a minimum of three times a week.