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Sir Fausto

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Shampoo for the Care of the Beard 250ml.

* The Green Tea Oil and Tea Tre Oil are the secret to a good cleaning capillary

* These Oils, have Antibacterial properties and Antiseptic

* Act against Fungi, Bacerias,Viruses, Capillaries etc

* Promotes the Oxygenation of the cells of the hair follicles, regulating sa secretion sebacea and neutralizing odors

* Nourishes and protects the hair fiber from the beard

Mode of Employment

* Formerly it was recommended to sanitize the beard between 1 and 2 times per week.

* Do not remove the protective oils of the skin itself, I will suggest you to continue with this tradition.

* Put a small amount of Shampoo to Beard Sir Faust on hand while you're in the shower.

* Moistens the Shampoo with a little bit of water. Massage on the beard to make a lather.

* Let sit while you clean the rest of your body and finally rinse off with abundant lukewarm water.