Accessories of hairdresser.

When we speak of accessories of barber , we can mention a large number of tools such as: scissors, combs, brushes, razors, blades, mirrors, gloves, peinadores, layered cut, among others. All these instruments are of great relevance to a beauty salon, as each one serves a different function, these accessories of barber...


    Brushes and combs.

    The brushes and combs from hair salon professional are of great use within a beauty salon, as well as in our daily lives, these tools are used not only to comb and detangle the hair, but also can be of great help in the application of hair products. There are various types of brushes and combs professional hairdressing, which vary according to their size and use, these products can be found with great ease in: beauty salons, barber shops, physical stores and online. In terms of the cost of these brushes and combs from hair salon professional, are set on the basis of the material they are made: wood, plastic, and metal).

  • Brushes
  • Combs

    Peinadores and layered cut.

    Among the materials most commonly used in salons and barber shops are the peinadores and layered cut there are a wide range of these products for children as well as adults, of different sizes and colors. The peinadores and layers of court have different modes of employment, as they are used not only when you are going to perform the hair cuts, but also, for washing, when you are going to apply the dyes, to the hairstyle, in addition to these peinadores and layered cut come with different designs and cuts, from the simplest to the most complete, include abotonadores or velcro fastenings for a better fit when it is placed.


    Diffusers for hairdryers.

    A hair dryer apart from being an essential tool in the hairdressing salons, have been innovative part within the fashion and aesthetic, so that they include complementary parts that contribute to make different hairstyles such as the diffusers for blow dryers, these accessories are a attractive to the girls by the effects that it gets in the hair, gives your hair volume in a record time, especially for the hair curl and wavy, these diffusers for blow dryers, they are also used to give heat a special on hair treatments, you can get a great variety of models of diffusers for hair dryers in


    Knives and blades for hairdressing and aesthetics.

    The razor and blades for the professional hairdressing are instruments used in beauty salons, barber shops, and daily, but less frequently, generally, these utensils are acquired by the male gender. In the market there is a wide range of knives and blades hair salon professional depending on their function, can be of different types, sizes and materials. This type of products are very affordable to the consumer, since their prices are not so high, as well as also, they are easy to get, you can find them in different stores and in online stores such as:


    Shaving and beard.

    The shaving products and the care of the beard every time they take more strength and presence in the market of the aesthetic men, the chin has stopped being considered a fad. In fact, more and more are the knights and the guys who use it, thinking of them, is marketing a whole line complete of products for the shaving and the care of the beard, and even in online stores, today, there are sections exclusive to this type of shaving products and the care of the beard, in you can find a variety of them.


    Forks, clamps, and staples.

    The forks, clamps and staples, hair salon are of great utility, these are used not only to fasten, but they are also of great help in the application of hair products. The forks, clamps and staples for hairdressing have different presentations in terms of: types, sizes and material, according to the taste of the buyer, there are simple and decorated. These forks, clamps and clips barber are used especially in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, have a great accessibility due to its low cost, can be purchased at: hair salons, accessory shops, beauty shops, supermarkets, and thanks to the technology in online stores.


    Paletinas and Bowls to barber.

    The paletinas and bols of barber tools are widely used in beauty salons and beauty, mostly purchased by the stylists. There is a great variety of paletinas and bols salon because, not only vary in their design, material and function, but also, it is located by numbering (in the case of the paletinas). These materials play a great function inside a beauty salon as, for example, in the preparation and application of different hair products. The paletinas and bols hair saloncan be found at: shops selling beauty products and accessories, online stores.


    Mirrors for hairdressing and aesthetics.

    Can you imagine the salons without mirrors? Without doubt that is something unimaginable, the mirrors of hairdressing and aesthetics are the fundamental instruments within the beauty salons, in addition to mirrors and cosmetic salon have the ability to expand the spaces and give light to our local, an effect that is not achieved by any other object of decoration, as well as it is important to have mirrors of hairdressing and aesthetics, what it is to know what type and size to place in each area, the style of each one will depend on the feature that owns the place and our tastes in decoration.


    Curlers and Bigudies.

    The curly hairs have never gone out of fashion in terms of beauty, before, it was thought that to have a hair to the fashion, it had to be smooth, but the truth that is no more than a simple cliché, so that the rollers and rods is also still used today, only requiring a care more rigorous in comparison to the straight hair but with the right products you can keep them and show them with pride. In some cases the rollers, and rods are most often used in barbershops, on all the rods, are specially designed to give you a hairstyle with more volume and finish, these can be used in different types of hair: short or long.


    Hats and hairnets.

    There are many tools and accessories that you must have in your hair salon, in this case we will refer to the hats and hair nets , there are different brands in the market, made with different materials: plastic, rubber, foam, nylon, among others, the hats and hairnets they have multiple ways of use, basically they are used for wicks, or reflexes and drying with a helmet preventing the hair from tangling, also used to sleep, hold hairstyles, chignons, curls, as you will notice, you can find many styles of hats and hairnets are adaptable to the need of each person, of good quality and with excellent prices.


    Gloves in hairdressing.

    The hands are the body part most used among the professionals working in the hairdressing and/or beauty salons, are exposed to varied temperatures, also to effects produced by different types of products, which can affect the skin and health in general, therefore, must be a priority the care of them, for this there are gloves, a hair salon for added protection, these gloves hair salon come in different sizes and materials: latex, plastic, nitrile, thermal, anti (UV) these are used especially for working the nails under the UV lamp, in you can find a variety of gloves in hairdressing.

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