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Scissor Mega 7,5" 3 Carnations

Mega is a embroidery scissors 3 Carnations with cutting edge microdentado, particularly suitable for hair salon and barber shop.

- Forged hot-in Stainless Steel AISI 420 - 4034.

- With a Hardness High HRc 56, good lasting edge.

- The Edge Microdentado 50th prevents the hair from slipping. Cutting more secure.

- The Screw flat adjustable allows you to loosen the leaves gently with a screwdriver without losing the touch of the moon.

- Apoyadedos.

- Butt muffler.

- Its Symmetrical Design makes it easy to position classic cut. To work with the horizontal elbow separate from the body.

For a better care and maintenance of the scissors of the hairdresser, we recommend:

- Save the scissors of the hairdresser always protected in the event of a fall does not suffer from any deformation.

- Use a brush to clean the scissors.

- Pour a few drops of oil every two or three days.

- Grab the scissors always by the handle to prevent the sweating of the hands deteriorates the leaves.

- Start the cut with your hair freshly washed or clean.

- Cutting only hair and not other materials to avoid desafilar the cut of the scissors.